About Us

The Alchemy of Art and Furniture

Welcome to Stofly Furniture, a place where furniture transcends its utilitarian limits to become timeless art. Here, nestled in a cradle of innovation, our journey unfolds, driven by an insatiable quest for excellence, a profound love for design, and a dedication to crafting pieces that don't just occupy space but captivate the soul with their artistry.

Our Ethos of Design

At Stofly, we believe in the power of stories. Our furniture doesn't just fill a room; it brings it to life, weaving tales of creativity, elegance, and lasting quality. Our approach to design goes beyond fleeting trends and embraces a philosophy that marries functionality with artistic expression. We craft each curve, line, and texture with intention, breathing life into pieces that are as practical as they are inspiring.

In our studios, skilled artisans and visionary designers collaborate, merging time-honored craftsmanship with cutting-edge techniques. This fusion gives birth to creations that are both timeless and contemporary, sophisticated yet warmly inviting.

Celebrating Craftsmanship and Community

Our relentless pursuit of craftsmanship excellence recently led to a defining moment both for Stofly Furniture and the wider local design community. A nomination at the Philippine International Furniture Show, more than just an honor, is a tribute to the skill and originality of our designs. It celebrates the artistry and craftsmanship of the Philippines, showcasing our role in a future where design is not only seen but felt.

Bridging Cultures, Crafting Connections

Stofly is more than a furniture brand; it is a cultural conversation between the rich heritage of Philippine artistry and the dynamic world of global design. Each piece in our collection narrates this cultural dialogue, embodying a spirit that is as locally cherished as it is globally admired.

Our Heartbeat: Sustainability

Sustainability for us is a conviction, not a catchphrase. It's the heartbeat of our process, from inception to completion. We're committed to environmental stewardship, carefully selecting eco-friendly materials and adopting sustainable practices. Our passion lies in crafting furniture that enhances your spaces while honoring our planet. At Stofly, beauty and environmental responsibility walk hand in hand.

Join Our Whimsical World

Step into the enchanting realm of Stofly Furniture, where every item has its own personality and story. Whether you're an imaginative interior designer, a homeowner with a flair for the unique, or an art lover who appreciates a blend of humor and design, Stofly is your haven. Here, furniture is not just functional; it's the centerpiece of conversation, the heart of the party, and a reflection of our own playful, eco-conscious spirit.

Welcome to Stofly, where every creation is not just a piece of furniture but a piece of art that embodies our joyous, imaginative, and sustainable philosophy.

Our Location


4532 Lavender St, Sun Valley, Paranaque, Manila

Working Hours

Mon-Sat 9am-6pm